Before the training Mila was super anxious and had terrible leash aggression issues and had trouble with misdirected energy, she didn’t know where to focus.  We did not know how to help her at all, we used the no pull harness and eventually a slip lead, but it wasn’t really doing it.  She just couldn’t handle other people approaching us, especially other dogs.  She was also a little iffy at the dog park, and just all around really hard to go out on a walk with because we didn’t know what to expect.   


After the training she’s so much more confident, a lot more comfortable, and she’s just having a lot more fun on the walk, and obviously we are too.  Mila is just really enjoying the walks, and she’s super relaxed, so it’s a mutual thing.  When she does need to be corrected, she is super responsive and learns quick.  She looks for our praises now.


Would we recommend training with Sasquatch Dogs?  One hundred percent!  We don’t want it to be over, and we are excited for the drop-in classes, they are going to be awesome.  It was totally worth the money, absolutely, no question.  I wish we did it sooner.  Sully and Allie are such dog lovers and it really shows.  Training was really comfortable; they make it really easy for you.  Absolutely, 100%, two thumbs up!


Before training Charlie was generally unsure about his “place” in our family. This led to issues where it was hard to get him to listen to basic commands and was difficult to correct undesirable behaviors. He didn’t know his boundaries, and he basically thought he could ignore us if he didn’t want to do what we wanted him to do. He would also pull on the leash like crazy, especially if there was another dog or something else distracting. We struggled for a year to teach him, but nothing seemed to stick.


After training, he’s a much more confident dog. He knows better that we are the boss and he seems more content in his interactions with us and others. We discovered he actually loves to listen to our commands and loves getting lots of positive praise for it. One of his biggest changes is learning to walk calmly on a leash which was always an issue before and was always dreaded. Now it’s one of the highlights of the day.



We absolute recommend training with Sasquatch Dogs. Not only was it helpful, but it was fun to better learn how to communicate with our dog. We would recommend anyone to Sasquatch Dogs who wants to better understand how to work with their dog.


Prior to training Magnus was a three-month-old, young puppy who had no knowledge or training.  He didn’t really respond to commands, he was just trying to learn the commands.  We were fortunate enough to meet Sully on an outing to the park, and I noticed right away that Magnus responded to Sully’s direction.  He was very, very good with magnus, very personable, and when he gave Magnus direction, Magnus listened.  Both Allie and Sully have been very professional, and their program is very clear, easy to follow, and user friendly.  Not only are they training the dog, they are training the owner as well.  I found that the amount of homework they gave was reasonable, and easy to achieve if the owner is willing to work with their dog.  Sully and Allie catered to our needs and what we wanted Magnus to learn, They were open to any questions that we had and were willing to help in any way.  I am very pleased with the progress Magnus has made over the last two months.  I would definitely recommend Sasquatch Dogs to anyone and in fact I have advocated for them and given out their business cards, that’s how pleased I have been with the support I have received with Magnus and his training.  


Before Sasquatch Dogs, Leah would pull on the leash every time we took her on walks, she would not really follow our commands, not really listen.  She would get too overwhelmed, too worked up every time she saw another dog, a squirrel or even people.  She was very reactive. 


After Sasquatch Dogs Training, she is a completely different dog, she’s living a whole new life, and she is 100% happier.  She doesn’t really pull, we followed Sully’s advice of using the prong collar, and she doesn’t really pull anymore, and when she does, she corrects herself.  It’s more pleasant to take her on walks, we actually are able to take the kids and the stroller, and Leah walks right next to us.  She is such a different dog now and she actually gets to interact with a family members dog, and she learned how to walk along with him, so it has been great. 


Before this training, I was seriously considering getting rid of her because she was so stressful to me, but after this training I would not have it any other way.  She’s almost perfect.  


We would recommend Sasquatch Dogs.  Something that has been great from the first assessment is that we were able to spend time to get to know our dog, and we learned so much about Leah that we hadn’t considered about her personality and the type of dog that she might be.  Especially with us having two kids, we learned that she is a nanny dog, and we realized that we needed to respect her personality.  Once we learned that, it has been so different for us too, we are not stressed at her, we understand why she acts the way she does, and we now know how to set boundaries with the kids and her so that everyone is happy.  It has been great and we 100% recommend Sasquatch Dogs, we have had a great time, and it’s really enjoyable company too.  They helped us out a lot.

Tillie Mae

Tillie Mae was a pretty wild child, she came from a kill shelter in Texas, so we have no idea what she lived with before we got her.  We got her at four and a half months old.  


Tillie Mae has gone from a disaster to still needing a lot of work but boy are we on the right track with Sasquatch Dogs helping us.  We decided that we would not go with anybody that used only groups, we wanted to work individually, and these folks came and interviewed us and decided if they even wanted to work with us.  So, our little dog now has gone from a complete disaster to absolutely on the right track.  Sasquatch Dogs has their heart in the game as far as trying to work with us and making sure we get our moneys worth.  


We would highly recommend Sasquatch Dogs and we are going to be telling our neighbors.  Sully and Allie have been amazing, and any questions that you might have after the lesson, Sully is very open to your phoning him, and will walk you through anything you need help with.